Difference Of Opinion For RGV

May 23, 2015

Maverick director Ram Gopal Varma is now known for making films on shoe string budgets featuring wannabe stars. He is very talented and is capable of finish a film in less number of working days and he also takes time to finish the films. By the way, there is one movie which Varma started with Rajasekhar as hero, titled ‘Patta Pagalu’. Poor Rajasekhar who is desperate for a hit signed this film, if not for commercial success then at least for the credit of having worked with Varma. The film’s trailer released many days back and now there is news that the film was in re-shoot. Inside talk is that there is no moment in the progress of this film now. Rajasekhar who scored failure with the film Gaddam gang hoped to score big with this film. There is industry gossip that the movie might not release as there were differences of opinion between Varma and Rajasekhar. Though no one has confirmed them officially, it is being heard that the buzz is true and the film might not release any time now