Bollywood Regrets Its Decision

May 10, 2015

After the success of ‘Muni’, Lawrence followed it up with ‘Kanchana’ which was an even bigger hit. The success of ‘Kanchana’ attracted Bollywood which was eager to remake the movie in Hindi. So, a successful Lawrence has kept a condition to the Bollywood makers that he will give away the Hindi rights only if he was given the chance to direct the film. But the Bollywood makers have showed zero interest towards the condition put by the choreographer turned director. Now Lawrence has gone ahead and made ‘Ganga’, a sequel to Kanchana and the movie has collected a gross of nearly Rs 50 crore in both Tamil and Telugu. The Bollywood film makers are now feeling sad for the decision they have taken. If they would have accepted the condition put by Lawrence, they would now have been lucky and travelled in a successful path.