Balakrishna Faces Collections Heat

May 10, 2015

This year turned as lucky for all Nandamuri heroes. Nandamuri heroes are enjoying back to back success. Young tiger has scored a hit with Temper, all eyes are now upon Balayya’s Lion. It all started with Nandamuri Kalyan Ram’s Pataas. The Nandamuri Nama Samvatsaram started with the success of the film Pataas. According to industry reports the movie’s pre-release business has been at peaks and sold for a whopping price of more than Rs 35 crores all over.

The film’s Director Satyadeva planned to have the movie finished in the range of 25-30 crores but for some reasons budget escalated. The major confusion in the film unit now is to make profits and if there is negative talk or mixed reviews, the film fails to reach the target which in turn a big problem for the producers to get back their investments. Legend collected 45 crores in total and Lion should collect more than that and if it fails to do so, the problem begins.