Adah Takes Spiders & Insects Pictures

May 28, 2015

Here is the part of interview of gorgeous beauty Adah Sharma published in a magazine recently.
1.What’s the one most played song on your playlist?
Adah: Shake it like shammi. It pumps me up with energy.

2.How do you usually beat the heat?
Adah: Shut my eyes and think of ice clad mountains and a roller skating on a frozen lake.

3.If you were immortal for a day, what would you do?
Adah: Jump of cliffs and attempt flying. I’m pretty convinced I can defy gravity.

4.If you could meet anyone, living or dead, who would you meet?
Adah: Audrey Hepburn, Einstein,  Leonardo d vinci ,bethoven.  Alive there is no could .If I want to meet itl happen I know.

5.When you have 30 minutes of free-time, how do you pass the time?
Adah: Painting usually and now a days twitter and experimenting with some apps on my phone.

6.What do you miss most about being a kid?
Adah: Playing in the mud . I still do that sometimes but then it was a aily activity.when you felt you earned ur bath.

7.What was the first thing you bought with your own money?
Adah: Painting supplies and workout shoes

8.What was the last lie you told?
Adah: One of the answers on the quick question conversation for you and I mag ;)

9.What was your thought when you woke up this morning?
Adah: Grannys dosas for breakfast !!

10.If you had to start a conversation with someone, how would you?
Adah: I don’t have an opening line. Depends on who the person is.

11.If you could keep only five possessions, what would they be.?
Adah: My mother (yes ,she’s my mist priced possession) maybe my phone or I would be more than happy to “accidently” give to give it away , my old very comfortable sneakers, set top box with all my programmes recorded and 5) an unlimited supply of water

12.What is your strongest personal quality?
Adah: I don’t make excuses and I don’t embarrass easily .

13.What cheers you up?
Adah: Watching and good movie, dancing, hanging out with my friends,

14.How did you spend your last birthday?
Adah: It was a week ago and i spent the say with my mum and granny and went for dinner with my close friends

15.What was the last photo you took from your phone?
Adah: A spider posing on the cupboard.

16.What according to you is the weirdest thing about you?
Adah: I take pictures of spiders and insects on my phone and put filters and edit them for hours

17.If you could retire tomorrow, what would you do?
Adah: Change my identity and be an actress all over again.

18.Which cartoon character do you relate to the most?
Adah: Pocahontas. She’s free spirited ,loves animals and nature and understands unknown languages.shes brave and playful .

19.What’s your scene of style?
Adah: While i have a million definitions for what i think style is.the latest is to be able to wear the most ridiculous stuff and carry it off with the most confidence. As an actress I think style is to blend into different characters and wear things that are completely opposite what you are in real life and pull it off.

20.Is there any person whose wardrobe you envy?
Adah: Not envy but intrigued by lady gagas