Why Did Gopichand Make Those Comments

May 3, 2015

Gopichand’s JIL ended up with losses for the distributers. But , it was liked by few section of audience. Few days ago during his promotions for JIL, to the question asked by an interviewer regarding the writers and stories in Tollywood he gave an open statement that Tollywood has no good writers and that is the reason we are not getting good story based movies. Many story writers who gave stories for his film and others got hurt with the heroes statement.

To be frank, all the heroes wanted to do commercial subjects and the audience are also expecting such movies these days. Even the new entrants after scoring 2 or 3 hits are doing commercial entertainers. So, in this commercial days, the writers are also habituated to write similar kind of stories and from where do different stories films come from???? So, Gopichand commenting about writers is not a good sign for Film ndustry. As the ultimate moto for ay film is to fetch money, they do films which are liked by people and films which get good numbers at Box-office