Proof That TDP And BJP Are No More Friends

May 2, 2015

BJP looks like pouring petrol on the fuel,As the saffron party in power at the centre was reliable party for TDP but its totally ignoring TDP now and keen on getting interest from Telangana people. For example Central government gave away 100 crores for AP and 50 crores to TDP regarding Godavari Pushkaraalu. While AP is heavily depending on Centre for funds BJP is showing the partial love on Telangana and bringing the bags of votes atleast for 2019 may be. Also this morning when Centre gave the list of 100 smart cities in India as TDP expect enough ones for AP but they gave 5 smart cities to Telangana alone and 4 for AP. Its more surprising to see Vishakapatnam from the list. So nothing is proper and perfect between TDP and BJP and these are the witnesses.