Rakul Preet Is Copying Her Style

May 12, 2015

Samantha is very particular when it comes to attending functions and events. She behaves like she is the star. All her public appearances make us feel that an angel is down to earth. She takes a lot of care about styling and dressing. She makes sure that she dresses well and gets a designer ensemble in place for every occasion. Of course, needless to say that she is the top actress in the film industry and she is still continuing in that place.

Now, it was Rakul Preet Singh who is likely to dominate all the others including Samantha to occupy the first place. She is also following the same pattern like what Samantha did to arrive this position. She kept a low profile till things fell into place and she is right now opening up herself. For the Pandaga Chesko function, she wore an Rs 70,000 ensemble and people wouldn’t stop looking at her. And for Kick 2 function, she wore a designer saree from Ritu Kumar. From costumes to everything, she is making sure that she is the fashion diva and she is completely utilizing all the opportunities to raise to this position.