Radhika Apte Denies Reacting

May 2, 2015

There is a news recently that actress Radhika Apte frontal nude video from a Hollywood short film was leaked and it has gone viral on whatsapp. The recent rumor is that the actress has reacted on it in the following way.

“I don’t have time for this. You know the whole world has lots of people, who have no jobs. They sit at home and do whatever they want to do. So you can’t waste your time on going and making a complaint or even looking at it. I saw it and laughed it off because it is really funny… I am really busy. I can’t waste my time doing that. My family and I never get affected by any of these things. So it just doesn’t bother me.”

Much to everyone’s surprise the actress is now stating that she hasnt reacted to it and she did not make any statements like that. This says that the actress knew about the whole thing happening around her and she is yet to confirm it.