Pawanstood Brainless Stupid Act : RGV Under

May 2, 2015

Addanki Ravi, a native of Kharagpur in West Bengal, met Power Star Pawan Kalyan today at Janasena office in Hyderabad. Ravi is a fan of Pawan and he came riding a bicycle from West Bengal. He traveled nearly 1500 kms to meet Pawan. Ram Gopal varma in his own style made comments on the fan.

RGV posted, “My problem with the dumbo who travelled 1500 km to meet Pawan kalyan is to travel pawans mind nd not waste time nd energy on a stupid road. Pawan’s extraordinary mind should condemn his stupid fan’s mind for equating him to a road and educate him on mind. I request Pawan to advise his stupid fan that he should travel by train save time and spend it on better purposes of what Pawan believes in. Pawan is an intensely intelligent responsible leader and am sure that he understands that the cycle guy’s act was stupid brainless activity. My advise as a fellow fan of Pawan Kalyan’s fans to all mindless Pawan kalyans fans is not to do mindless activities of cycling,swimming etc. I love Pawan Kalyan’s fans because I am the biggest Pawan kalyan fan but I want to condemn mindless fans who don’t understand his heart. Kalyan hugging the mindless cycler is becos of his heart for the dumbo’s effort but in his heart he knows the truth of the dumbnes. Aey dumb cyclist ,If u came on a bus nd if in that saved time if u helped poor and needy Pawan kalyan would have hugged u tighter. Cyclist shud realise Pawan kalyans hug came from feeling guilty about his well meaning physical effort nd not as an endorsement for dumbness.”