LION Movie Review

May 15, 2015

NBK Lion has released finally into the theatres after couple of postponements. The film released today in theatres amidst expectations. Trisha Krishnan and Radhika Apte played the female lead roles in the film. Satya Deva is the director. Rudrapati Ramana Rao is the producer. Mani Sharma is the music director. Check out our review.


Let us keep it very simple.

Godse (Balakrishna) suffers from a head injury goes to coma in a hospital in Mumbai. All of a sudden he recovers from his injury and he forgets his past. His memory loss results in several consequences. He tries to find out about his life he has forgotten. Godse forgets his life but he thinks that he is Bose. He travels to Hyderabad to try and uncover his past but his efforts end up in failure. But all of a sudden, a series of events make him recollect his past and he finds out that he had a rivalry with chief minister Bharadwaj (Prakash Raj).

What is the past life of Godse?

What is the rivalry between Godse and CM?

What made Godse remember his past?

The answers for the above questions form the rest of the story.


Nandamuri Balakrishna has given a power packed performance as Godse and Bose. He rocked the dual roles in the film. The film had revealed the mass angle of the hero. The actor did a lot of homework for the film and he is successful in that. There are powerful punch dialogues and power-packed action scenes which will impress the fans.

The story is good and screenplay is dull. The Interval bang is excellent. It was executed very well. The emotions and natural feelings of the characters came out in a proper manner. The second half of the film has some good high voltage drama and Balakrishna’s hardcore fans will enjoy these scenes. The first half of the film is a disappointment.

Prakash Raj has done a good job and his confrontation scenes with Balakrishna have come out very well. Trisha and Radhika Apte look good but they have very marginal roles. They are very good in revealing glamour as well as performance. The film did well in most of the scenes but there are few scenes which disturbs the flow too. The first half of the film is a big letdown as said earlier. The movie keeps shifting to flashback mode very randomly which makes you feel boring. The scene transitions is not good.

Direction is a big minus. The director of the film failed to enjoy a successful debut. The story has good potential but the film’s execution failed which made us feel irritating. Much concentration on the script would have worked well. There are many loopholes in the film. Romantic scenes between lead actors have not been handled well.

Cinematography is good. Editing is bad. Mani Sharma’s BGM is fine and the BGM elevates the scenes very well. On a whole, the film fails flat and fails to impress the fans.

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LION hit LINE daatalekapoyindi.



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Reviewed by :Team Andhrapulse