Director Reveals Strange Experience

May 20, 2015

Tollywood director Kuchipudi Venkat has revealed one of his recent travel experience and do read this to understand exactly it is. This was shared by him on his Facebook profile-

“Friends look at this interesting story of my lost and found IPad. And what influence the social network had on it…I was flying to Vizag last week by Indigo from Hyd. I forgot my IPad at Kiosk check in at Hyd airport. I only realized it after I reached Vizag. It was a weekend and I was helpless to even report it …the lost and found dept. closes for the weekend. For that moment I thought I lost my 3rd wife (that’s what a few of my friends call it)…I went to Araku valley for the weekend…returned on Monday and called the Hyderabad airport to try my luck. But no trace of. It…I asked if I could get the cameras help. They told me it’s a different dept. and I could only mail them. I didn’t have the patience to do. but somehow dragged myself to write four line un interesting mail…sort of a funeral note types…a few min later I get a call my Friend from Vizag Srinivas Reddy Medapati ..I thought he came to know I was in Vizag through my posts. And wanted to know why I didn’t buzz him. But it was not ought to be…he asked me if I did lose my Ipad…I was taken by a surprise. And as I was trying to gather myself. He asked if I had seen a post on a FB Group Hyderabad foodies of which I am a member. And told that he shared it with me…I posted the pic of the same here… He identified me in the pic in that post. A pic taken with my School buddies in the backdrop of the famous Angkorwat temple of Cambodia last year. I tucked it in the Ipad case assuming it safer there than with me. I never ever imagined. It will help me find my lost Ipad. A good Samaritan Mr Anees. Who is an employee of Indigo Airlines? Found it and before handing it over to the authorities he tried to find its owner. But since the keypad is locked little could be done…he then opened the case after finding a white patch (reversed photo) and promptly posted it on foodies abt it with the info….I promptly called indigo identified myself by. Spelling the keypad password…I had to fly to Bangalore from there. The indigo team was kind enough to fly the ipad from Hyderabad before I reached Bangalore and kept it neatly packed… waiting for me…Thank u Anees. Thank u Srinivas. Thank u Hyderabad foodies…thank u Indigo…u helped me find my wife. But frankly the process thrilled me than actually finding it. And u see it aged toooo.”