Babu lead DWCRA to stop their existence

May 6, 2015

Chandrababu Naidu diluted the trusts of DWCRA lady asserted YSRCP leader Vasireddy Padma. Conversing with the media in the YSRCP party office on Tuesday May 5 she doubted Babu and his legislature on the execution of guarantees their pronouncement held She said Babus activities would wind up stopping the presence of DWCRA. None of his guarantees were actualized, and all tones and crys’ of lady in need would beyond any doubt impact Babu she raged. She additionally said neither Babu nor his clergymen are minutely inspired by taking care of the issues of DWCRA or the penniless ranchers. She requested that the TDP government demonstrate the world one rancher that had an advance wavier in totality. She doubted them on what premise were they getting arranged to direct triumph mobilizes while their beginning guarantees too were not kept up.