Ajith's Yenthavadu Gani Movie Review

May 22, 2015

 Yenthavaadu Gani is the title of the Telugu version of Tamil Super hit film Yennai Arindhaal. Tamil Superstar Ajith acted in the lead role of the film. Anushkha Shetty and Trisha Krishnan played the female lead roles of the film. Harris Jayaraj is the music director of the film. The film released into theatres today. Check out our review.


Ajith plays an honest cop, Sathyadev, whose passion and integrity for his job gets his fiancĂ© Hemanika (Trisha Krishnan) killed. The film chronicles the life of young Sathyadev from his teenage years to his life as a cop, an unmarried father and eventually the retribution. He then prevents Thenmozhi (Anushka Shetty) from getting killed, and his tragic past with Hemanika. There is a mature, understated, yet menacing quality to Sathyadev. Sathyadev befriends a dangerous gangster, Victor (Arun Vijay) to get to his boss. The charade finally ends with the boss’s death leaving Victor furious at his friend’s betrayal. Victor is arrested and sentenced to jail, but he vows revenge. Life moves on. During one of his investigations, Ajith meets the hugely pregnant Hemanika (Trisha), and drives her to the hospital. Coincidentally, they meet again a couple of years later and he is introduced to her young daughter Isha (Baby Anikha). Sathyadev promptly falls in love with both. They get engaged, but the night before the wedding, Hemanika is brutally murdered.

How he eventually comes face to face with Hemanika’s killer forms the rest of the story.

The answers for the above questions form the rest of the story.


If you’ve followed Gautham’s films, the kind of roles he writes for his heroines and the way he portrays them are commendable even if they were to feature briefly, and you wonder if any other filmmaker can supersede him in this regard. Most of the film’s story revolves around or should I say is linked to Hemanika and Thenmozhi, played by Trisha and Anushka respectively. Ajith, who plays police officer Sathyadev, puts his life on the line to protect them and not just because it’s his job.

Yenthavadu Gani is the evolved story of police officer Sathyadev, who strives hard to strike a balance as a family man as well. Everything about the film and its protagonist Sathyadev is evolved to the extent that he’s ready to accept a woman with a child in his life.

The icing on this relationship is the fact there’s no mention about Hemanika’s first husband (Isha’s father), and it really doesn’t bother Sathyadev. Gautham asks us, the audience, how many would be willing to accept a woman with a child without even inquiring about her past. There’s an indication that Sathyadev might have learnt about Hemalika’s past when he says how much he’s impressed with her decision to teach dance (she’s a dancer) free of cost. As a policeman it runs in his blood to do a background check on everybody he meets.

Coming to the main theme, the film lacks the reason behind Arun Vijay’s revenge against Ajith and it is left to the audience as it is obvious that Ajith is the protagonist and Arun Vijay is the antagonist. Yenthavadu Gani definitely has its moments and keeps us entertained but somewhere down the line, the mixing is inappropriate.

Coming to the technicalities, Dan’s camerawork is equally stunning and sensually colorful. He is a promising find. Anthony is Gautham’s partner-in-crime and he does set the much needed pace and gives an extra hand with the non-linear narration. His cuts and transitions add an overall value. Silva’s realistic stunts look painful and feel hard. Harris’ BGM with pulsating dub-step, guitars on distortion and sax with the pianos in the backing, gratify every dimension of the emotions portrayed.

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