AP Deputy CM Is Unhappy

May 28, 2015

KE Krishnamurthy, the deputy chief minister of Andhra Pradesh seems to be a unhappy and frustrated person. Many saw the move as a sign of his growing impatience to assert himself. He seems to have made the following comments during Mahanaadu.
“Chandrababu has time only for the Godavari districts. After the elections whenever I have gone to meet him, he keeps saying that the TDP won 16 seats in Godavari districts and only three in Kurnool. A month before the elections, he allowed all the Congressmen of our district into the TDP. Naturally, we lost. How can he then blame us for our defeat here?” said Krishnamurthy.
However no one from the party has confirmed this and hope this is false as the minister is not that sort of politician who can come down and make such comments on his chief.