10 Naxals were caught on single day by AP Police

May 6, 2015

Kurnool area police captured top naxal Kura Rajanna and 10 others fitting in with CPI-ML (Jana Shakthi) in only one day. Kura Rajanna is the previous president of CPI-ML (Jana Shakthi). The capture occurred when the naxals were holding a whole at Bollavaram town to work out a procedure to make their vicinity felt. Kurnool Cops heightened the brushing operation after they got a tip off on the naxal movement in the area. Not long after the capture, Maoists were taken to an undisclosed area for session. Characters of 10 Other Naxals: Andhi Balaji, Veddai Pothanna, K Veeranjanailu, Nambi Narsimha, Boya Sukanna, Mothe Venkat Rao, Pandla Penchalaiah, Singota Nagendhra Rao, Mandla Vasnthu and Chakali Srinu. A few arguments are pending against the Maoists who got captured.