Mahesh Only Achieved It

Apr 30, 2015

Superstar Mahesh Babu has been ranked No 6 in the list of ‘Most Desirable Men’ in India, in a poll conducted by a national media house. Virat Kohli is at No 1.

Last year, Mahesh was ranked No 1 and the year prior to that, he was at No 2. But it must be noted that Mahesh Babu is the only celebrity who grabbed a place in top 10 list from South India. Tamil stars Suriya and Dhanush have been placed at No 15 and 16 respectively whereas no other celebrity from Tollywood figures even in the top 50. Only Mahesh babu made it to the top 10.

It is an indication of the charisma of Mahesh and one cannot forget that the craze for Mahesh babu is always at peaks. Mahesh babu had a bad year in 2014 with two films experiencing flops. But still he managed to make it to top 10 and he is the only one in top 10 in South India. Mahesh Babu Flop films also will entertain and it must be reminded that he is a master in acting and he will never disappoint us with his acting.