Whom Puri Is Going To Opt

Apr 30, 2015

“Puri Jagannadh” is he director who completes a movie in very less number of days. After his recent movie “TEMPER”, which was a decent HIT, he started a movie with “Charmee” named “JyotheeLaxmi”. This movie completed its shoot and getting ready for its release. Now, Puri is ready to start his new movie in few days. Everyone’s is curious with whom the ace director is going to work as he has many options.
Previously everyone thought that Puri will direct Mahesh after “Temper”. But, it is clear that Mahesh is going to act under Sreekanth Addala’s direction. Another two options which Puri have are Mega Hero “Varun Tej” and “Nithiin”. P[uri planned a movie with Varun Tej under C.Kalyan’s banner, another movie with Nithiin is under discussions. Nithiin is currently busy with production works of Akhil’s debut movie under V.V.Vinayak’s direction. So, it was not sure whether he will parallely work for both projects. So, chances are more for Puri to direct Varun Tej.